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About Grandma Light


About Grandma Light

Grandma Light brings Joy, Excitement, Adventure and Inspiration to her Readers World Wide. Perhaps that is because Grandma Light has not forgotten the joy of seeing Life through not only through the eyes of a Child, but through the newness of each experience. Life is about Living! And Living is about expressing Life! Like Flaggin’, Grandma Light loves to travel. She has traveled extensively around the world and been inspired by such remote places as Zanzibar, Tanzania, Egypt, Bhutan, Cambodia, Tibet, Moorea, Bora Bora, and many more. Many of these countries, she has visited more than three times. To date Grandma Light has traveled to more  than 56 Countries. She Laughs, “I only have 150 Countries to go!”

Grandma Light graduated with an English Major in College. She went on to get her MA in Education and DD Doctorate in Divinity. She has a background as a Wife, Mother, Grandmother, Teacher, Real Estate Broker, Healer, Poet, World Traveler, Speaker and Author. One of her favorite expression is, “You will never know how much fun you can have unless you show up and see what kind of Magic can happen.”

What do you think Flaggin’ is doing? If you guessed painting a picture, you are right!

Who is that in the picture?
If you guessed Grandma Light, you are right again!